Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK - Jonathan P. Van Kleunen, Dr. Brian Jenkins

Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK - Jonathan P. Van Kleunen, Dr. Brian JenkinsГод выпуска: 2013

Автор: Jonathan P. Van Kleunen, Dr. Brian Jenkins

Жанр: Книги на английском

Формат: PDF

Качество: OCR

Описание: Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK is your one-stop shop for high-yield, systems-based review during the clinical years of medical school. The third edition packs illustrations, Next Steps, Mnemonics, and Quick Hits in a single, ingenious tool. Each element is tailored for immediate content absorption, and an all-new full-color interior differentiates elements for faster, more efficient review. Plus, Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK, third edition provides bonus material and study resources online for additional self-assessment and practice for this exam!
NEW Features for this blockbuster edition:
Full-color, updated interior design brings the content to you in a rousing, memorable style.
Full-color, updated art program illustrates concepts when a picture says it best.
Expanded and new content keeps you current and informed to guide your clinical decision making.
CLASSIC Features students swear by:
Complete coverage of high-yield topics—cause, risk factors, history and physical exam, lab studies or radiology, treatment and complications—ensures you are test ready!
Mnemonics help you “file away” clinical information for handy retrieval at test time!
Quick Hits glimmering in the margins highlight highly testable materials—just see how the sparks fly at test time!
Next Steps margin notes guide you through the workup of a patient with practical tips to success!


Step-Up to USMLE Step 2 CK

Cardiovascular Disorders

  • Normal Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Function
  • Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Arrhythmias
  • Heart Failure
  • Valvular Diseases
  • Cardiomyopathies
  • Pericardial Diseases
  • Myocardial Infections
  • Hypertension (HTN)
  • Shock
  • Vascular Diseases
  • Pediatric Cardiology

Pulmonary Disorders

  • Measures of Pulmonary Function
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
  • Obstructive Airway Diseases
  • Respiratory Neoplasms
  • Interstitial Lung Diseases and Other Lung Diseases
  • Vascular and Thromboembolic Pulmonary Conditions
  • Pleural Diseases
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Pulmonary Surgical Concerns
  • Pediatric Pulmonary Concerns

Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Gastrointestinal (GI) Infections
  • Oral and Esophageal Conditions
  • Gastric Conditions
  • Intestinal Conditions
  • Pancreatic Disorders
  • Biliary Disorders
  • Hepatic Disorders
  • Pediatric GI Disorders

Genitourinary Disorders

  • Normal Renal Function
  • Disorders of the Kidney
  • Glomerular Diseases
  • Renal Failure
  • Acid-Base Disorders
  • Electrolyte Disorders
  • Bladder and Ureteral Disorders
  • Male Reproduction
  • Pediatric Genitourinary Concerns

Endocrine Disorders

  • Disorders of Glucose Metabolism
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Parathyroid Disorders
  • Pituitary and Hypothalamic Disorders
  • Adrenal Disorders
  • Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia (MEN)
  • Pediatric Endocrine Concerns

Hematology and Oncology

  • Anemias
  • Genetic Disorders of Hemoglobin
  • Leukocyte Disorders and Hypersensitivity
  • Clotting Disorders
  • Hematologic Infections
  • Hematologic Neoplastic Conditions
  • Oncologic Therapy
  • Other Pediatric Hematologic and Oncologic Concerns (Not Addressed in Other Sections)

Selected Topics in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, and Surgery

    • Accidents and Injury
    • Toxicology
    • Cardiovascular Emergencies
    • Traumatology
    • Abuse and Sexual Assault
    • Issues in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    • Hemodynamic Stability
    • Preoperative and Postoperative Issues
    • Surgical Emergencies
    • Transplantation

Neurologic Disorders

  • Normal Neurologic and Neurovascular Function
  • Neurologic Infection
  • Headache
  • Cerebrovascular and Hemorrhagic Diseases
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Degenerative Neurologic Disorders
  • Peripheral Neurologic and Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Neoplasms
  • Sleep and Loss of Consciousness
  • Pediatric Neurologic Issues
  • Ophthalmology
  • Audiovestibular Disorders

Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Common Adult Orthopedic Conditions
  • Spine
  • Metabolic Bone Diseases
  • Infection
  • Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Rheumatologic Diseases
  • Neoplasms
  • Pediatric Orthopedics


  • Infections
  • Inflammatory Skin Conditions
  • Bullous Diseases
  • Neoplasms
  • Plastic Surgery

Gynecologic and Breast Disorders

  • Menstrual Physiology
  • Contraception
  • Menstrual Disorders and Issues
  • Common Gynecologic Infections
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Gynecologic Neoplasms
  • Disorders of the Breast


  • Normal Pregnancy Physiology
  • Prenatal Care
  • Medical Complications of Pregnancy
  • Obstetric Complications of Pregnancy
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Gestational Trophoblastic Disease


  • Development and Health Supervision
  • Immune Disorders
  • Genetic Disorders (Chromosomal Pathology)

Psychiatric Disorders

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Psychotic Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Substance Abuse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Somatoform and Factitious Disorders
  • Delirium and Dementia
  • Pediatric Psychiatric Disorders

Epidemiology and Ethics

  • Research Studies
  • Biostatistics
  • Ethics
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