Campbell-Walsh Urology - Alan J. Wein

Campbell-Walsh Urology - Alan J. WeinГод выпуска: 2016

Автор: Alan J. Wein, Louis R. Kavoussi, Alan W. Partin, Craig A. Peters

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Формат: PDF

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Описание: Every 4 years or so, a small group of crazed individuals are privileged to convene and embark on a seemingly near impossible task—to improve upon what, a relatively short time ago, they had created as the gold standard textbook in urology. A week or so later, they emerge with a plan, each with their assignments for what they now are convinced is the best ever repository of total urologic knowledge. This group and this edition are no exceptions to this routine.
The four of us feel very honored and privileged to be a part of this tradition that began in 1954 with the publication of the first Campbell's Urology (then titled simply "Urology"), which consisted of 3 volumes in which 51 individuals contributed 2356 pages and 1148 illustrations. We are grateful to our current colleagues and friends who accepted the responsibility of producing anew the 156 chapters that comprise our text and acknowledge their expertise and the unselfish contribution of their time and effort.
Our gratitude to the chapter authors notwithstanding, we would like ultimately to dedicate this edition to two sets of individuals: One group includes our mentors in urology—those whom each of us separately admired and learned from, and whose educational and clinical achievements in various aspects of our field we have sought to imitate. Hopefully, they would or will be proud of our part in this 11th edition of the gold standard textbook. The greatest debt and thanks, however, are owed to our families, specifically our wives and children who were in the "line of fire" during the preparation of this edition. They deserve more than a medal or a copy of the book. So, to Noele and Nolan; to Julianne, Nick, Rebecca and Dree; to Vicky, Topper, David, Dane and Michael; and to Kathy, Jessica, Lauren, and Ryan, our thanks for your patience, understanding, and continued support. The good news is that you have a few years until the cycle begins again.
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