3D Printing in Medicine: A Practical Guide for Medical Professionals - Frank J. Rybicki

3D Printing in Medicine: A Practical Guide for Medical Professionals - Frank J. RybickiГод выпуска: 2017

Автор: Frank J. Rybicki, Gerald T. Grant

Жанр: 3D Printing in Medicine

Формат: PDF, EPUB

Качество: OCR

Описание: This book describes the fundamentals of three-dimensional (3D) printing, addresses the practical aspects of establishing a 3D printing service in a medical facility, and explains the enormous potential value of rendering images as 3D printed models capable of providing tactile feedback and tangible information on both anatomic and pathologic states. Inpidual chapters also focus on selected areas of applications for 3D printing, including musculoskeletal, craniomaxillofacial, cardiovascular, and neurosurgery applications. Challenges and opportunities related to training, materials and equipment, and guidelines are addressed, and the overall costs of a 3D printing lab and the balancing of these costs against clinical benefits are discussed. Radiologists, surgeons, and other physicians will find this book to be a rich source of information on the practicalities and expanding medical applications of 3D printing.

We are in the midst of a technological revolution in customized patient care. Advances in imaging techniques with digital 3D and 4D rendering and advances of 3D printing have allowed healthcare professionals the ability to view and document hard and soft tissues in such a manner that meaningful, accurate measurements can be used for fabrication of medical models for presurgical planning/patient education, fabrication of surgical templates, and medical/dental devices for implantation or quality of life. In addition, 3D print technologies in printing biological tissues will provide a future for many patients with the eventual printing of human organs.


«3D Printing in Medicine»

  1. Introduction
  2. 3D Printing Technologies
  3. Post-processing of DICOM Images
  4. Beginning and Developing a Radiology-Based In-Hospital 3D Printing Lab
  5. Craniofacial Applications of 3D Printing
  6. 3D Printing in Neurosurgery
  7. Cardiovascular 3D Printing
  8. 8 Musculoskeletal 3D Printing
  9. 3D Printing and Patient-Matched Implants
  10. FDA Regulatory Pathways and Technical Considerations for the 3D Printing of Medical Models and Devices
  11. Quality and Safety of 3D-Printed Medical Models
  12. Virtual Reality

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