Basic electrocardiography: normal and abnormal ECG patterns - Antoni Bayes de Luna

Basic electrocardiography: normal and abnormal ECG patterns - Antoni Bayes de LunaГод выпуска: 2007

Автор: Antoni Bayes de Luna

Жанр: Кардиология

Формат: PDF

Качество: OCR

Описание: Basic Electrocardiography: Normal and Abnormal ECG Patterns is not an additional regular textbook on electrocardiography. Professor Antoni Bayes de Luna, the author of the present textbook is a world-wide renowned electrocardiographer and clinical cardiologist who has contributed to our knowledge and understanding of electrocardiology over the years. In the present textbook, he shares with us his vast experience and knowledge, summarising the traditional concepts of electrocardiography and vectrocardiography combined with current updates on the most recent developments correlating electrocardiographic patterns with magnetic resonance imaging. This textbook is of particular value to the American physicians and healthcare providers, as it exposes the reader to the Mexican, Argentinean and European schools of electrocardiography, which some of the earlier textbooks have tended to overlook.
The present textbook provides a concise summary of the classical and modern concepts of electrocardiology and provides 22 cases covering a wide spectrum of normal variations and abnormal electrocardiographic findings. In these cases Dr. Bayes de Luna explains his approach for interpreting the electrocardiogram and integrating it with the clinical findings.
In conclusion, this textbook is an asset for every cardiologist, internist, primary care physician, as well as medical students and other healthcare providers interested in broadening their skills in electrocardiography.


«Basic electrocardiography: normal and abnormal ECG patterns»


Usefulness and limitations of electrocardiography

Electrophysiological principles

  • The origin of ECG morphology

ECG machines: how to perform and interpret ECG

Normal ECG characteristics

  • Heart rate
  • Rhythm
  • PR interval and segment
  • QT interval
  • P wave
  • QRS complex
  • ST segment and T wave
  • Assessment of the QRS electrical axis in the frontal plane
  • Rotations of the heart
  • Electrocardiographic changes with age

Electrocardiographic diagnostic criteria

Atrial abnormalities

  • Right atrial enlargement
  • Left atrial enlargement
  • Biatrial enlargement
  • Interatrial block

Ventricular enlargement

  • Right ventricular enlargement
  • Electrocardiographic signs of right acute overload
  • Left ventricular enlargement
  • Biventricular enlargement

Ventricular blocks

  • Complete right bundle branch block (RBBB)
  • Partial right bundle branch block
  • Complete left bundle branch block (LBBB)
  • Partial left bundle branch block
  • Zonal (divisional) left ventricular block
  • Bifascicular blocks
  • Trifascicular blocks

Ventricular pre-excitation

  • WPW-type pre-excitation
  • Short PR type pre-excitation (Lown-Ganong-Levine syndrome)

Electrocardiographic pattern of ischaemia, injury and necrosis

  • Anatomic introduction
  • Electrophysiological introduction
  • Electrocardiographic pattern of ischaemia
  • Electrocardiographic pattern of injury
  • Electrocardiographic pattern of necrosis


  • Value of ECG in special conditions
  • ECG pattern of poor prognosis
  • ECG of electrical alternans
  • Self-assessment
  • References
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